CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Because we consider our chain of care to be a precious asset... Let's make care meaningful again.
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Let’s build together tomorrow’s worldLet’s build together tomorrow’s world

Faced with the rapid spread of this virus in our health care systems

Initially, given the seriousness of the situation, SOS: Vital Emergency is a race against time that aims to design, develop and manufacture as quickly as possible 12 specific medical devices that will break the chain of virus propagation in the healthcare chain, in order to:

Illustrative image: Emergency responders run through a hospital corridor

Secondly, these medical devices will help to close the gaps in the care chain, which we have identified, in order to:

Synchronized with each other, these 12 medical devices will make it possible to streamline and disseminate information in real time, in order to improve collaboration and interaction between the various players in the healthcare chain when caring for frail patients.

Consisting of 12 medical devices, these will contribute to: